Garry Tallent and The Delevantes

May 8, 2020

Right after I moved to Nashville, Mike Wells, a musician friend of mine in New Jersey, called and asked if it was O.K. to give my phone number to his friend, Garry Tallent.  Garry is the bass player and only original member (besides Springsteen) in the E Street Band.  Garry had made a new solo album that was ready to be mixed, and Mike suggested me for the job.  I said, “Of course give him my number … and for that matter, to Bruce too!”

Garry and I met at a Starbucks and by the end of my latte, he said, “Let’s do it!”  I mentioned in my book how wonderful it is to meet famous people who are down to earth and not full of themselves.  Garry is one of those - very sweet and humble.  He described his new album as a 60’s garage band album, and I think that nails it.  More Like Me was the first full album I mixed at my new mix room, Schnaze, in Tennessee.  

Garry has also produced other artists.  One of them was a rock and roll country band called The Delevantes.  Bob and Mike Delevante are fellow New Jerseyites.  They made their first album in 1995 for Rounder Records.  With a good bit of success - including a three star review in Rolling Stone and the album going Number 1 on the Gavin Americana Chart - they made their second record for Capitol.  The brothers had both previously gone to art school, and soon decided to leave music to pursue their other artistic passions.  Last year they decided to make a new album with Garry playing bass.  As it was reaching completion Garry suggested for me to mix it, which I’m currently doing.  With the brothers not being together as a band for some time, I really didn’t know what to expect.  What I’m finding is a very fun album with really good songs and great vocal harmonies.  They have that DNA thing that many singing families have which gives a special blend to their voices.  I’m having a great time with it. I don’t think there’s an album title yet or release information - I’ll list it all when available.